Finance services- internship in the Uk

If you are looking for an internship in the financial industry, then this is the right place to be. The finance industry is comprised of various organisations that offer financial services to individuals, other organisations, the government etc. These organisations can include something like insurance companies, finance ,as well as government-sponsored organisations.

Internship like this will often give you a good introduction to a company and/or sector, which will help you develop skills which you can use in other areas as well as help in building up you CV by giving you experience with a respected employer. Though, as mentioned , it is a very competitive market nowadays given the current financial climate with a lot of hiring freezes and layoffs. However, it remains the case that the most successful interns may well be given full-time job offers upon graduation, even in these difficult times.

You should be able to

If you want to work in this area you will need excellent quantitative methods and problem-solving techniques, you may find that you are requested to solve a problem that are beyond your current range quite rapidly if you are good. You need to be quick thinking and flexible and able to use your analytic skills very well. There are a lot of benefits to employers though in this area to take on interns. Companies with the best internship programs keep them intact even in periods of retrenchment, subscribing to the marketing concept that marketing and promotions should be preserved, or even increased, in recessionary periods. This only applies if you are really good at this work!

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