Internship in Hospitality and Catering Industry - Internship in the UK

Description of the work Sector:

Our hospitality internships will usually involve a variety of front office activities in one of several prestige hotels, cafés etc. across the UK. Kitchen opportunities are also available.This can be a great possibility if you need some experience in the Hospitality and Catering industry. This could also be a great opportunity to add some experience to your CV or for your studies. Doing this work you will obviously meet a lot of new people and improve your English .

What is my responsibility?

Your tasks will include the following areas: Greeting and welcoming arriving guests with a big smile, providing courteous and efficient service for guests, assisting with billing information & ensuring all activities are up to  standard for guest satisfaction. if apprpriate waiting table service. You will learn how to be the front person for a great service to all the costumers. Alternatively you might be guided by an experienced chef in food preparation.

Skills you will need?

If you want to work in catering & hospitality you should have some costumer management abilities  including skills such as being a team player, speaking good English,be hard working , be courteous and quick thinking so that you can deliver a great service to all the guests.

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