Fancy improving your English? Immersive learning has been proven to be the best way to do so quickly and easily, as well as being a whole lot of fun!

Immersive learning places you in an interactive learning environment, either physically or virtually, to replicate possible scenarios or to teach particular skills or techniques, in this case English. Things like simulations, role playing, and virtual learning environments can all be considered ways of immersive learning.

Using these techniques we are running classes twice a week throughout the year to help you boost your English skill set: giving you a better vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, comprehension and ability to apply your new English skills both in the workplace and socially.

These early evening lessons in central Brighton will take you out of the classroom and into real life immersive settings with planned group exercises, led by our experienced TEFL teachers. They are fun, you’ll make friends and, above all, they work!

immersive English course in Brighton
Up Against the Wall- Immersive English Course- Internship in the UK
It's only Business - Immersive English Course - Internship in the UK
Express Yourself - Immersive English Language- Internship in the UK
At movie Immersive English Course- Internship in the UK
Meetup night Internship in the UK


Street art -or Graffiti Art- is the hieroglyphics of modern culture.

Curious about what the “real” Brighton is all about, the one you won’t find it in a tourist guide or travel website? You have to hit the streets to get the real story.  Cultural Ambassador Delia will guide you through the back alleyways and secret alcoves of Brighton to view the city’s prolific and highly skilled mosaic of guerrilla-style street art.

These postmodern hieroglyphs are an artistic rendition of the esoteric thoughts simmering beneath the surface of this diverse, progressive and vibrant seaside Mecca for free-thinkers, keen seekers, artists, activists and everyday people, all kindred spirits in search of meaning, purpose, and a proper pint. The writing is on the wall. You just have to look up…

Aim: To explore the culture and “hear” the collective voice of one of the UK’s most socially progressive and vibrantly creative cities, Brighton.

Good for: Cultural exploration and the discussion of aspects of post modern art. Engagement in continual use of advanced English language use, comprehension, and communication skills.

Cost: one module (two sessions) £24.99


When you shop, do you prefer the local “Mom and Pop” shop, the visceral experience of the glimmering superstore or shopping mall, or shopping online from the comfort of your own home? Each experience has its pros and cons, and vast differences in the way they seduce the customer into spending their hard earned cash. In this module, we will take a walking tour of Brighton’s vibrant and varied shopping districts to compare and discuss product merchandising and sales techniques.

Objective: In small groups, you must choose a product to market and sell. Your group should identify your target market, come up with a marketing campaign and a sales strategy (online vs. storefront vs. mall), then present your marketing and sales plan to the class.

Aim: To use the English language whilst exploring the factors that contributes to successful marketing and healthy sales at a UK retail business.

Good for: Budding entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and those who are eager to expand their English language ability whilst utilizing their problem-solving skills.

Cost: one module (two sessions) £24.99


Express Yourself!: Open Mic Night at The Dorset

Living and working in a new culture and environment can inspire your creative muse in a variety of ways. You have something to say? Why not try saying it in English? Why not create a written piece and perform it?

Objective: Starting with observational stream of consciousness writing, your work will be critiqued and edited in a safe and supportive classroom setting, to be performed at a local Open Mic Night. Includes a Q&A session and performance seminar by musician Francisco Gassin Noci, of the Brighton band The Baristas.

Aim: To increase the learner’s public speaking confidence and improve creative expression and performance in English.

Good for: Those who want to expand their English language experience as a writer, editor, performer or public speaker.

Cost: one module (two sessions) £24.99


This module takes the traditional movie night one step further.  Not only will you have the opportunity to experience an English language film as the filmmaker intended, without dubbing or subtitles, but you will also get the opportunity to comment on the experience via a written film review and discuss your opinions during an in-class debate.

Aim: To transfer listening skills to the written page and use speaking skills in a debate format.

Objective: In the classroom, the learners will learn the basic structure of storytelling through the medium of film. They will also learn film review jargon and terminology, along with basic film review technique. They will then attend a non-subtitled popular English language film in one of Brighton’s premiere cinemas. They will then write a review of the movie and engage in a pro/con debate.

Good for: Improving language comprehension, vocabulary, writing and speaking skills.

Cost: one module (two sessions) £24.99


The seminar involves organizing and marketing of a monthly language student Meet-Up event at a local pub or cafe.

This module will help you set up an opportunity to create a marketing plan to organize and promote a weekly Meet Up Night at The Dorset. Each Meet Up is a mini event, with different things happening for people to attend and get involved in.

Aim: To help you process thoughts, ideas and related communication in English with others in a group.

Objective: learners will learn the basic structure of marketing and use the tools needed to make marketing work well by developing a plan and putting it into practice, in a team, with others.

Good for: Improving language comprehension, clearer cognitive functioning, developing and processing ideas, as well as writing and speaking skills.

Cost: one module (two sessions) £24.99

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