Informatio Technology - Internship in the Uk

Description of the work

An internship like this will allow you to obtain skills and gain valued working knowledge in the area of communications technology. An internship in this area is often quite interesting and may include a variety of responsibilities. A proven interest in this area and a knowledge of computers and applications is preferable. More and more business is now need to ensure their online applications function at an optimal level.

You should be able to

During an internship in this kind of field you should already understand web development, web design, and scripting (eg PHP, ASP, CMS and JavaScript). You also need a working knowledge of XML integration, understand what database design entails (use of SQL MySQL and MS Access). You have to comprehend something about database design and structure, understand the W3C validation an why its important, and a willingness to work as part a team and at least a rudimentary understanding of related e-commerce principles. Doing an IT internship will means you will gain valuable working experience in the above areas and it will permit you to build your CV for your upcoming career opportunities.

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