Internship in Electrical and Engeneering Industry | Internship in the UK

Description of the work

If you are doing an internship in this area you can expect to get a very interesting placement. If you want to secure a graduate job, some form of work experience, whether a formal internship or part time work , is fundamental. This kind of work experience is much more important  than for 10 years ago. You will definitely have a great chance to do your dream job. You can take this internship from a few weeks up to 9 months.

Some of the interns in the Electrical and Engineering are getting a structured learning programme with a personal mentor. We will try as much as possible to have you stay as long as possible with an employer – the main reason is that you will get more involved. Being a part of the team is good for you and also very helpful for the company. So the more of this experience you can accumulate, the better.

You should be able to

If you are doing this internship you should really want it. You will need to show that you have the ability, and prior study – a proven specialisation : perhaps design projects, academic work, group assignments, dissertations etc. you have to decide which will probably impress the most.

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