Internship in Journalism Industry - Internship in the UK

Description of the work:

When you are doing an internship in UK Journalism, you will get some insight in how tough it can actually be. Many people want to try the Journalism industry, but the reality is that it can be quite hard work . You may will need to be working long hours with deadlines ,  completing tasks which are essential to the running of  the paper. The editor will normally be very supportive and allow opportunities to write and gather contacts . When the office gets busy you have to use your initiative : you may get the opportunity to go out researching stories, either with another reporter or by yourself. This would only happen if you can show you are very good at what you do – can be resourceful  , responsible, and with some creative ideas.

You should be able to:

When you are doing this internship in Journalism you should be able to be enthusiastic, dedicated and available to work hard with a ‘can do ‘ approach to make a go in this industry, as it can be hard to find a job without good experience. Your English skills should be very good, in written and spoken – it will maybe be a good  idea to take some English lessons before you start doing the internship in UK. If you are really willing to succeed and put effort in this, then could this internship be for you.

Application for Internships in the UK