Internship in Law- Internship in the UK

Description of the work

All firms use internships as part of their graduate-recruitment procedure for training contracts. Doing an internship in law is often a big step towards a training contract as some firms treat internships like a first interview for training contracts.

Be sure that you really want to do law:

It is really important to ask yourself if this is the job you want. Lawyer’s care about evidence- so the most important thing you can is to provide some clear indication of the skills and the qualities you have. Ask yourself if you can show academic ability (have you got good qualifications at college)? Can you make sense of complex situations? Are you strong-minded with drive? Are you curious and flexible: do you adapt easily to new challenges? Are you able to work well in a team: Are you very organised: can you multitask and keep cool? Have you got a good commercial sense and the ability to take a calculated risk? If all this sounds good, then law could be something for you! It may all sound hard, – but it does explain why lawyers earn good money!

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