Internship in Media Industry | Internship in the UK

Description of the work

Jobs in media area are a very popular carrier choice, especially if you are a student. If you during a internship in UK in Media you could get to report on current events, perhaps be a part of a production crew working in radio, film or television. You could apply for media work inthe broadcast media sector or media production jobs in the publishing or music production fields.

You should be able to

During this internship you will need to have either some knowledge in the area already or be studying one of these areas to a high level at uni/college. An interest and understanding of specialist parts of the work area that you can demonstrate and illustrate though you own work using mixed media is also useful. This internship might be a little challeging , but if you really want to do this kind of internship, nothing should hold your back. You will also have a good opportunity to learn more spoken and specific English.

Application for Internships in the UK