Internship in Secreterial and Translation Industry - Internship in the UK

Description of the work:

Have you ever wished to learn how to interpret languages in such a way as to fully understand the meaning, the phonetics, and the structure of languages? Then this internship is probably for you! As an intern in the field of translation, you will have to convert written material from one or more language towards its targeted audience. You’ll need to be able to guarantee there is a high degree of accuracy between source language and targeted language, and the full meaning is left intact.

You will be able to:

You will need to have an excellent understanding of English, and maybe two or more languages. You should understand the phonetics as you work with clients from all around the world – although generally you will probably working in an EU based language as you handle a range of documents and articles for educational & profitable and fictional fields.

internship in the uk - secreterial and translation