There are a few options for international students who wish to take a language course or take part in an internship in the UK, in cities like Brighton. If you just want to do a language course (and add on one of our courses like the Immersive language or Business Foundation package) you just need a short term study visa.

  1. Most EU students over 16 can enter the UK freely to study or work with no time restrictions. Croatian applicants will need to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship and a subsequent work certificate once in the UK. Whilst this agreement may possibly change post ‘BREXIT’ it has not yet and currently seems unlikely to, until at least the end of 2020. You can register straight away with us, just go to the section here:
  2. If you are over 16 all other nationals who just want to study an english language course of any sort just need a short term study visa. See This costs £93 for 6 months. However, you can’t do an internship of any sort with this visa. You must also be accepted on a course with an education provider that holds a Tier 4 sponsor licence (or accreditation by certain other UK bodies as detailed). We can suggest a number of good language schools in Brighton who offer this. Just ask us.
  3. If you a student or ex student over 18 and want to do a work internship, all other nationals can potentially enter with a “Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange” visa with a Certificate of Sponsorship (usually issued by BUNAC). We can then help find you a work placement or volunteer scheme but to enter on this visa you must :
  • Be 18 years of age or over.
  • Be currently registered as a full-time student on an undergraduate or graduate course anywhere in the world or have graduated within the last 12 months when you arrive in the UK. (You need to be able to provide an official transcript from your college/university to confirm this).
  • If you are not from an English speaking country, you will be required to submit IELTS test scores of a 6.0 or higher. Scores will be accepted from tests taken up to 2 years before your program.
  • Be able to support yourself financially for the duration of your internship (US applicants must show proof of a minimum  checking/savings account balance of $1500 USD for a 30 day period, £945 or currency equivalent for a 90 day period for other applicants).
  • The total cost of this visa process, including BUNAC sponsorship and the visa, is around GBP790.

4. Nationals of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Monaco, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong*, Republic of Korea*, and overseas British territories who wish to work or do an internship here can enter on a “Youth Mobility Visa” UK Border Agency Tier 5. To enter on this visa you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or over on the date that your UK visa becomes valid and under the age of 31 when you apply.
  • Have £1,890 in available maintenance (funds) when you apply. You must be able to demonstrate you’ve had these funds in a bank account or similar for at least the 3 previous months before the date of your visa application.
  • The total cost of the Youth Mobility visa is 235 GBP.
  • *Nationals of Hong Kong and the Republic of Korea need to secure ‘sponsorship numbers’ from their respective governments before applying. Eligibility is also dependent on success in monthly lottery.
  • You’ll also have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your application ,of £150 yearly entitling you to UK healthcare. This is obligatory! Since the visa will last for 2 consecutive years, you will be required to pay £300 in total.
  • You’ll also need tuberculosis (TB) test results if you’re from a country where you have to take the test.
  • Please note that this visa can only be issued once and will last for 2 consecutive years. The above information was correct on Jan 1st 2018. Please note that immigration and visa rules as well as processes, can and do change fairly frequently.
  • Note: If you have a criminal record or any convictions within a year before your program start date, there could be an issue with getting your visa approved. Also, if you’ve applied for any previous visas with the UKVI, let them know as this may delay your visa process.