Internship in the Uk - internship in Worthing

Worthing is one of the largest towns in the West Sussex situated at the foot of the South Downs quite close to Brighton.

It became the archetypal Victorian seaside resort when people start to notice how Worthing is a great combination of sunshine, sea, spectacular countryside and relatively easy access from London. It has a splendid art deco pier and palm tree lined promenade, interesting architecture and glorious parks. The area also offers  opportunietis for cycling, walking and water based activieties and it’s well connected with the airport Gatwick.

Worthing is full of attractions, from its arts galleries and top class museum to nightclubs and other nightlife. With is six theatre and two venue films garantie numerous venue for everybody.

A little further you will find stunning villages, countryside, historic castles, country houses, beautiful parks and a lot more

Modern Worthing has a large service industry, particularly in financial services. It has three theatres and one of Britain’s oldest cinemas. Writers Oscar Wilde and Harold Pinter lived and worked in the town

Worthing’s economy is dominated by the service industry, particularly financial services

In 2008, Worthing was in the top 10 urban areas in England for jobs in each of three key sectors, thought to have a significant impact on economic performance: creative, high-tech industries and knowledge-intensive business services.